Safe means certified

Every Black Wolf Electrical Inspection Services Inc. employee is a Red Seal Endorsed Electrician with years of hands-on relevant experience. Don't hire a contractor without asking to see their credentials! A contruction electrician should have construction experience and a maintenance electrician should have maintenance experience. An electrical ticket doesn't equal qualified. Asking questions is your way of feeling good about who you let into your home, office or business.

from start to finish

"Close calls" with electrical incidents are unfortunately not uncommon.  Whether it's an accidental shock from a worn electrical cord, creating a dead short when trying to install a new light fixture, or a screwdriver getting too close to the side of the box and creating a big flash, these experiences can all be frightening. We take safety seriously, from the initial design, to the construction and the operation of all electrical equipment to educating the electricians and apprentices who will eventually be performing maintenance on electrical equipment. All it takes is for someone to stop and ask "is this safe?"

Certified Professionals you can count on everyday.

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