Our Story

who we are

Black Wolf Electrical Inspection Services Inc. started in Edmonton on October 9, 2013, offering professional residential, commercial and industrial services across Alberta. We moved the business to Halifax in September of 2018, as Nova Scotia more closely represents the company's core values of honesty, integrity and respect. 

what we do

Our mission is to make sure everyone - homeowners, renters, do-it-yourselfers and contractors, who are working on or around electricity, are doing so safely.

about the owner

Black Wolf EIS was started by Billy Williams in 2013. Billy is a licensed electrical contractor with 20 years of hands-on electrical experience. Of those years, he spent 10 years in institutional and industrial maintenance (including HV substations and elevators) and five years in the construction industry (from high rise elevators to oil and gas). He is a Red Seal Endorsed (RSE) Electrician with numerous certifications in BC, Alberta and Nova Scotia.

Black Wolf EIS began by taking Electrical QA/QC employment contracts with major oil and gas companies and has expanded into doing Electrical Quality Assurance Inspection with high voltage transmission and distribution companies. We now offer home owners and apartment renters the same level of service, inspecting your electrical wiring and devices and fixing any issues that may be a safety hazard, giving you peace of mind.

Certified Professionals you can count on everyday.

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